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Branching out into the digital realms has always been an eventual goal for BFF. As of 2017, BFF will be having a full presence in second life under the name 'Tooth and Claw' or, T&C for short. 

Existing customers will eventually be given the option to grab an exclusive avatar from me, should they want it, which will be of  BBF's mascot.

Tooth and claw will be focusing on making avatars for use in secondlife, both premade and custom to your specifications. 

Compared to BFF, which is ran by me, Dasker, T&C is a full team of individuals! Involved in T&C are:

Owner/mesh maker/texture creator: Dasker
Scripter/tester: Levidian
Graphic artist/tester: Allen
Beta testers: Halle and Cait

Along with our avatar models for photoshoots.

If you're interested in custom mesh, or seeing our avatars in person before buying, contact Shadow.Sani in world. If I'm not online, drop a notecard, if you want to see our works on the marketplace, go here!

Find a LM to the main store in my picks/classified!

We're always open to requests for features or new species' to work on, providing its in the scope we wish to provide, so don't be shy to drop us a line!