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This is the Terms of Service page! I appreciate this page being read in full before being emailed regarding quotes.

Below is how the commission process and such work if you decide on commissioning me.

Quotes and concept art-

  • I require my quote form to be filled in before I can give an accurate quote.
  • All quotes are final and will not be negotiated if you decide to accept the commission slot.
  • If you received a quote and don't get to commission me for 3 months or more, you will be required to get a new quote. Prices for supplies can rise and improvements are always happening.
  • The deposit is always non-refundable. No exceptions. This is used for purchasing materials and securing your place in the queue, if you decide to cancel, you will lose your deposit. [1/2 the full price for heads, 1/3 for partials and fullsuits]
  • I expect you to tell me exactly what I am making with your costume, If you send me a reference and assume, you will likely not get exactly what you want, especially if the add on costs extra!
  • Concept art must be of your character. I will not do fursuit work of characters that are not your own, or from photos of other fursuits. [this includes copyrighted designs like digimon/pokemon]
  • Concept art must be provided with 3 views [front, back and side] when you submit a quote form. [or good consistent artwork. I can offer my art services to make you concept art for £30]
  • If concept art is not provided, I can work based on descriptions. However, no changes will be made if a marking is 'off' or not included because you failed to mention it.
  • If you have no idea what you would like, but can give me a species and a colour, I can make a rough concept for you for £10 [single view, flat colours]

Progress and updates-

  • I will show progress photos after every stage, or on request; the stages are: 
Head foamwork
 Head with fur

  • You are welcome to request photo updates whenever you like, though requesting them multiple times in a short time frame [1-3 days] is not acceptable.
  • Updates are also given on my twitter.

Time-frame/delivery [rough estimates depending on workload]-

  • The time frame for each order can differ slightly. Complex costumes obviously will take longer than simple ones.
  • Delivery will be once full photos of the costume are taken, unless agreed otherwise by the customer to have quality full body photos taken.
  • Once packages are sent out, any damage caused by the postal services is not a fault of my own. If such damages do happen, contact your post office immediately for compensation.
  • All orders are to be started no later than 8 months after the order is placed. any sooner will require a 'rush fee'. My prices reflect this. Please order in advance of your deadline, springing a 1 month deadline on me will incur a large rush fee. If I am unable to start with this time-frame, you will be informed.
  • While contacting me, please allow up to 24 hours between responses. longer if I am away on holiday/dealing at a convention. multiple emails within a short space of time about exactly the same thing get quite annoying.
  • Convention deadlines: I only offer advanced deadlines for confuzzled, as I attend this convention. Other convention deadlines will not be guaranteed, unfortunately.
  • Fullsuits may end up delivered as a partial with a bodysuit afterwards if I deem the DTD I receive to be unsatisfactory and need redoing, or I feel the deadline is getting too close to finish all parts.
  • I do offer tracking and large amounts of compensation on packages, however I will need the costs covered in the postage payment of your commission. The best service is global express, however it it expensive, but it allows for tracking and a high [£200+] insurance amount. If you choose the cheapest postal option, there is no tracking and lost parcels cannot be tracked.

Repairs and modifications-

  • All costumes have a year warranty  where I will repair the costume for the cost of shipping. Only return the part that needs repairs, not everything!
  • If a costume has been modified in any way by yourself or another person, the warranty will be void.
  • If a costume is returned to me uncleaned/smelly/stained I will return it back to you immediately and your warranty will be void.
  • If you want any changes made to the costume after the foamwork stage, they will incur my repair fees, this is non negotiable, unless they are a fault of my own [a clearly wrong marking/colour, ect]
  • Washing bodysuits  in washing machines with the wrong settings [never a hot wash! cold, or lukewarm] will also void your warranty
  • Any other rough activities that do not apply under general wear-and-tear will also not be covered under the warranty  This includes: LARPing, tree climbing, anything involving mud or dirt, back-flips and other strenuous activities that require a lot of flexibility that a formfitting costume cannot offer. if you plan on doing these activities, let me know! I can work around things like this if I know you are doing them.

Returns and refunds-

  • Returns are not accepted, unless in the below circumstances. However no one will stop you from selling the costume on to someone else.
  • You have 3 days to tell me if you are unhappy with a costume upon receiving it, after this I will consider the transaction over. If after all other options are exhausted, you may request a refund. however the costume must be returned to me in the condition that it arrived to you in. Once the costume is back with me, the refund will be sent. 
  • No refunds will be given if the costume arrives to me in a state that is different to when it was sent out to you. [damages beyond a ripped seam, which can happen if the customer gained weight since giving the measurements for the costume.]
  • Similarly, if circumstances change during the process of the commission, such as, but not limited to; the commissioner being rude towards me, excessive emailing [more than 3 times a day about the same thing asking if I received their email] or personal issues myself, I have the right to give a refund of my own accord. This can be in full, or for parts, depending on situation.
  • The above kind of refund entirely depends on how far along the commission is, or the reasoning for the refund. In almost all cases, A full refund minus the cost of materials [if already bought] will be issued. Depending on the item, I may be willing to ship supplies bought to you for the cost of shipping.


  • I do not make fursuit parts. I only make heads, partials and fullsuits.
  • Payments MUST be by paypal, no exceptions unless you are in the UK, in which case you can send a check.
  • If you are under the age of 18, I wont be able to work with you. Sorry! This is for legal reasons.
  • If you aren't a native speaker of english and struggle to write it, I may refuse to work with you. This is because fursuit commissions are fairly conversation heavy and I would hate to miss something lost in translation and have you unhappy with the final product. Asking a friend to contact me on your behalf is fine!
  • You must have control of your finances. Your paypal account must be your own, please do not use someone else's paypal account!