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I will NOT give any quotes if this form is not filled in! to save me and yourself time, simply fill in this form, or you will just receive an email back linking you to this page. 

A quote form does not bind you to pay. It is just a quote form.

Although please check pricing beforehand, if you take longer than 3 months to place your order after I give you a quote, I will require you to send in another form, this is due to price changes in materials.

Quotes are currently closed! putting in a quote now will get you a reply in june and no sooner. 

Go here if you want a fursuit head in combination with parts. [head+tail, head+handpaws, ect]

Go here if you want a fursuit partial including everything [head, handpaws, tail, footpaws]

Go here if you want a fullsuit, all the parts of a partial with a bodysuit as well.