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Welcome to the prices and general info page, this page lists all information regarding commissions, for any other general questions please visit the FAQ. :)
Just a small note to those who want currency conversions, go to: for most conversions.


I don't make fursuit parts on their own. they must be ordered with a head.  [parts include; hands, tails, bodysuits and feetpaws]

Closed for commissions. Next opening is in june! E-mail me here for any questions -

Pricing does not include the cost of fur past a single colour. Consider these the base cost for a simple single colour costume with no additions and flat toony eyes. 

Heads:- £320+ 

Partials:- £490+

Realistic heads:- £420+

Realistic partials:- £590+

Fullsuits: £650+ 

For more breakdown on pricing, please go to the quote page, you will not get a quote if you don't send in the form! The link to the form can be found to the left.