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Tutorials and Freebies

This is where I'll be putting all my free use things!

Reference art:

Canine reference art; specifically tailored to be used as a toony fursuit reference, this features subtle digitigrade legs that’ll look fine coloured for a plantigrade character as well.
Go to the links below for the PNG versions:
And this link for the PSD. 
Saved as a RBG file, you can open it with photoshop or SAI. Below is also a small tutorial for anyone looking to colour this reference who hasn’t worked with layers before!
You can edit these however you like, I just ask that you keep the credit on there, and don’t drastically change the species, as I plan to release more.

Fursuit maintenance: 

It's important that you only use this information on fursuits made by me! consult your maker if you have specific questions on the care of your fursuit.