Blue Fox Fursuits - Bringing dreams to life since 2008

How long does it take to make a fursuit?
Once your assigned spot comes up it takes me 2-6 weeks to actually create a head or partial. This can vary depending on how many projects I am working on at the same time. 

What kind of materials do you use?
I use faux fur fabrics that are made from acrylic and other similar synthetic materials. I also use Lycra, felt, fleece and foam. No real fur is used, occasionally I will use feather quills or horse hair for certain accents, however I will let you know in advance and give you your options.

Do you make fullsuits?
I do! However slots for fullsuits will be extremely limited. Check the pricing page for availability. I will also try to keep the quote form updated with whether or not that commission type is open. Fullsuits never have 100% guarantees on deadlines due to the amount of work needed for them. 

What′s the difference between fur foot pads and regular durable pads?
Durable pads are standard on my costumes and are suitable for almost all terrain. They have a nonslip grip pattern and are fairly thick to withstand years of use. Show pads are finished feet bottoms with matching fur or fleece and fabric paw pads. They look awesome and are beautiful for photos and up-close viewing. However, the show pads are not very durable and will take damage if worn over rough, dirty or outdoor surfaces.

What style of construction do you use on your heads?
My heads are fully foam. Fully foam is the usual method, though I advise wearing a balaclava under the heads that is removable. That way it can be easily removed and washed. I can also make more realistic resin heads with moving jaws for extra. Inquire before hand about the availability of this. I have a care guide for fursuits made by me here.

Which style of eyes have the best vision?
In general the 3D eyes have the best vision. Glass eyes, have less vision because you cannot see through the iris or pupil at all. Instead you see through modified tear ducts and around the edge of the glass eye. Its a sacrifice of vision for realism.

Where do you breathe from the heads?
The costumes muzzle is lined up very closely with a humans mouth and nose. All breathing is through the mouth of the head, with the muzzle hollowed out underneath to give some extra 'breathing' room. It is very easy to sip a drink through a straw while in costume, most muzzles will also allow a sports bottle to be fitted in the muzzle.

How do fursuit sleeves work?
Sleeves are a basic addition to a partial usually, and they'll be attached to handpaws unless specified otherwise by you. It's advised to have a simple plain shirt that you attach the sleeves to yourself with loose sewing or safety pins to assure the best fit without elastic that'll wear out over time or stretch the fur out of shape, then simply wear whatever shirt you want to over it without fear of the arms slipping down during a performance! At request, I can attach elastic to the tops of the arms which would work as a strap across your back to keep the arms up.

Can you work from photos of real animals?
Yes, though keep in mind a few structural changes will have to made to make it fit a human. I would need several good quality photos to show the entire animal. Though, I prefer concept art so we can see every detail and spot/marking on the whole body.

How do you figure out the prices for your costumes?
I use the base price as a starting point, and add on the requested details. Eyes, multiple colors, complexity, large tails, hair, are samples of add-ons that will increase the price.

What if I don′t know what I want or don′t have concept art?
Give me a species, or what ever you have in mind and I will see what I can come up with, do take into consideration that concept art DOES cost more. Using artistic liberty for a design however will get you something awesome, usually for a cheaper price too!

What if I want to change my design after I've given a deposit?
You are allowed to make minor changes to the design of the costume before I start work on it. Any changes later than that are not allowed as I have already bought materials. Large changes may require an addition onto the final amount owed on the costume. Please, if you are going to make changes, provide new concept art as I may not remember otherwise.

Where do you ship costumes?
Everywhere! it doesn't matter where you're from. Any costume with LED eyes however will not be shipped over seas, as this is against postal laws in the UK, and could result in the battery pack or wiring being ripped out. I also only accept payment in GBP, not euros, not dollars, ect. 

What costumes wont you make?
I will not make any costume that breeches copyrights, such as game characters unless you can send me physical proof from the owner of the character that you are allowed to commission a costume using it.

Other things I will not make are;

Original species' not owned by the commissioner. Including but not limited to; Sergals, Angel dragons, ect

Moving jaws. I'm sorry but fully foam fursuit heads just do not work well with moving jaws. If you are adamant that you want a moving jaw, the price will be hiked up considerably to cover the cost of a resin head base to make the moving jaw from.

Sock paws. I haven't had the time to experiment on making them in recent years, so I can't guarantee their durability. 

Can you make me a fursuit in someone else's style?

In short, nope! I have my own style, and while I'll change small stylistic things about how I work to suit your reference material, I absolutely won't copy another artist's style. If you commission me, you are commissioning me for my style. If you want someone else's style but can't afford their work, save up! Otherwise, you'll only be disappointed.

Do your costumes have a warranty?

Yes, they do! the warranty on all costumes is 1 year, or 5 conventions. I will do repairs for free if anything breaks during this time that should not have broken. however your warranty will be void if you try and fix the costume yourself without my guidance. Damage caused by the post office is -not- covered by this. Damage to a resin base/foam base -not- cast by me will not be covered under my warranty, be aware of this when commissioning a realistic suit using a cast foam/resin head base.

things that are normal wear and tear include:

Pilling on the fur backing, this is normal! wearing an under-suit under the suit can be much more comfortable.

Claws scuffing, this can be avoided if you avoid dragging your feet. be aware that fursuit feet are larger than your own and require you to lift your feet higher to avoid dragging!

Fur discolouration, this can happen if you leave your costume in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, or just when the suit gets old, this is not something fixable in any case, so avoid keeping your costume in strong light/sunlight!

Fur matting, if you take care to brush areas such as; back, crotch, bum, backs of knees, armpits and elbows a little extra before and after suiting, you can avoid these high movement areas becoming matted! 

Plastic discolouration, the teeth on most suits are plastic. If you smoke, I recommend keeping the suit in a container, away from sources of damp, and your smoke. Plastic can be discoloured by smoke!