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Contact Me

Before emailing me about an order, please send in a quote form and await a reply. I reply to quotes in groups around the times I plan to open. The next opening is June [2017], new orders will be completed around april/may 2018. Your email may be deleted if I can tell that you didn't read through my FAQ before contacting me. is my email address

Alternatively, you can chat with other commissioners and myself on occasion if I'm not busy via Telegram! Telegram is only for current and old commissioners.

If you would like an open chat for everyone, both commissioners new and old along with people just interested in my work, we have a discord server here.

Secondly, if you need to get in contact immediately as I only check my emails once or twice a day, please use @daskdoodles via twitter. You can also contact me via tumblr.

I do not: 

  • Give quotes anywhere other than email
  • Talk on any social media that isn't tumblr or twitter [even then, no quotes, these are used to answer more general questions and be available for customer questions]